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May 2000

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Ninth Annual Conference
May 23rd and 24th, 2000
The Walt Disney World Swan Hotel

Under the direction of Program Chair Colleen Nespor, wrapping up her second year in term, the theme for this year’s meeting was Our Past, Our Future!! With the turn of the century we took the time to look back at how far we had come in the world of Pediatric Surgery and we looked to the future to see what was awaiting us from beyond.

On Monday evening we met for a welcoming wine and cheese to review posters, browse through the store and begin committee meetings. Early Tuesday Peter Alsop gave our keynote address, "Feeling the Family Pulse". We shared humorous sing-alongs and anecdotes and he shared insights on how make a commitment to self-growth and gaining clarity for ourselves and our own families, while we have relationships with our patients and coworkers. Nan Lim-Sulit and Kelli Burns moderated the very interesting Case Study presentations where we discussed 5 very challenging cases, including an 8-year-old with relapse Wilm’s Tumor, a two-day old with Necrotizing Enterocolitis, a case of laryngeal atresia, a newborn with multiple anomalies and a trauma presentation. Later, Laura San Miguel and Mary Petrriccone from Sloan Kettering gave an excellent presentation on Pediatric Oncology, where we have been, where we are going: Focus on Neuroblastoma and Neuro-Oncology.

A stimulating Presidential Address by Carmel Mc Comiskey highlighted our lunch break, as always she made us laugh and cry and remember why she was voted our president for the millennium.

That afternoon the closing lecture was by Leah Harrison who gave us a new look at the everlasting epidemic of child abuse. She provided us with signs, symptoms and red flags of child abuse in order to diagnose and protect the victimized child.

After an always informative and stimulating business meeting the group was dismissed and given time to swim in the refreshing pool under the unbearably hot sunny afternoon. Many were seen napping; others were getting a few hours in to see Mickey and Minnie. That evening a delicious dinner banquet was served and members brought spouses, friends and children to the event, it was a great success with many laughs and lots of idea sharing.

Wednesday began with Dr. Marshall Schwartz taking us through the evolution in the management of short bowel syndrome, covering medical and surgical management, along with where the future lies with growth factors and gene therapy. The clinical abstract session was a new and very well received session in which Jeanette Diana and Tina Shapiro presented nitrous oxide and oxygen analgesia, Kelly Hummer presented day before vs. same day consents for drug trial, and Renee Manworren presented pediatric nurses knowledge and attitudes about pain management. Jean Reardon presented cervical spine injury in children, and Roxanne Woods presented intervention grants for pediatric trauma.

The ever popular breakout sessions included some of our old favorites, burn therapy from Karen Iacono, wound dressings from Liz Foster, reflux meds from Marilyn Stoops and research and publication from Chris McKenna.

We ended the day listening to president elect Laura Flanigan present “Saving Whole Lives, Progress in Pediatric Surgery.” She discussed the founders of pediatric surgery, the growth in pediatric surgery and the advances in surgical treatment and care, in addition to looking at pediatric surgical nursing, who were we and who are we??

If this could not be planned better, our afternoon ended with the Laura Flanigan receiving the Founder’s Award!! Her mentors, colleagues and friends who she brought into the world of pediatric surgery from the beginning of her career in nursing surrounded her. An award she most deserved for all the years she has given to her patients and all the knowledge, expertise and direction she gave to us at APSNA.

Jerome Medical sponsored the Trauma luncheon where an interactive panel discussed the Impact of trauma on families: resources and recovery.

Committees met charged with new ideas for program, development, publication and education. New members were recruited and plans were made for next year in Naples!! Everyone made time for dinner in Epcot Center or riding Space Mountain, I also saw a lot of umbrella drinks around the poolside!!

The APSNA Research and Scholarship Gift Fund was established.  The fund was established in an effort to pursue our philosophy of distinguishing pediatric surgical nursing as a unique nursing specialty, and promoting quality care to all pediatric surgical patients through education and research.  Through this fund APSNA will provide 2 scholarships at the annual meeting and hopefully expand these offerings to meet a wider variety of scholarship needs.

The APSNA Listserv was introduced in the winter of 2000. This member service was an extraordinary way for APSNA members to communicate in real time: patient problems, research information, benchmarking and sharing of clinical pearls.

Two new columns began in Sutureline, “The Hurt Alert,” by Renee Manworren, and “Wound Care Jeopardy,” by Liz Foster. 

The following monographs were printed and distributed in the Spring of 2000 to be added to the APSNA Resource Manual: “Prevention Strategies for Unintentional Childhood Injuries” by Teri Crawley; “Intussusception,” by Chris McKenna, and “Tracheostomy,” by Harriett M. Allen.

The 2000-2001 Board of Directors:

  • President - Liz Foster
  • President Elect - Laura Flanigan
  • Immediate Past President - Carmel McComiskey
  • Treasurer - Beth Zimmerman
  • Secretary - Marie Esposito
  • Development Chair –Laura Phearman
  • Director at Large - Luanne Pelosi
  • Education Chair - Marti Fledderman
  • Membership Chair - Susan Olson
  • Nominations Chair - Lori Howell
  • Program Chair - Kelli Burns Young
  • Publications Chair - Teri Crawley-Coha

May 2001

Naples, Florida

Tenth Annual Conference
May 18th and 19th, 2001
The Registry Resort

Our meeting this year was again a success thanks to the hard work of our Program Chair Kelli Burns Young. Our membership and attendance at our annual meeting continues to grow. This year our organization boasted 248 members. Under the strong leadership of our president Laura Flanigan we kicked of our annual meeting at the Registry in Naples Florida. Through some untoward turn of events our Board members were not registered at the Registry and we spent our first night at another area hotel preparing for the full schedule of committee meetings the next day. Melodie Chenovert, our keynote speaker, provided us with an entertaining start to our meeting. Members enjoyed many quality presentations. Breakout sessions were planned this year allowing us to diversify content and offer members more choices.

The APSNA store continues to be a popular stop in the exhibit area, but our inventory continues to diminish. The organization achieved a major milestone this year with the publication our new textbook which went on sale at the APSNA store. Fifty copies were sold and thirty-three orders taken.  All the contributing authors received a complimentary copy.  This was the first nursing book addressing general pediatric surgical care.

Vendor participation continues to grow under the direction of Tina Shapiro our development chair. This work is crucial to the success of our meeting. Members were treated to receptions and that provided opportunities to network with colleagues and unwind from the day’s events. All things considered members had good reason to return home energized. 

The 2001-2002 Board of Directors:

  • President – Laura Flanigan
  • President Elect – Melinda Klar
  • Past President – Liz Foster
  • Treasurer – Barbara Mariscal
  • Secretary – Marie Esposito
  • Development Chair – Tina Shapiro
  • Director at Large – Luanne Peluso
  • Education Chair – Marti Fledderman
  • Membership Chair – Susan Olson
  • Nominations Chair – Jeannette Diana
  • Program Chair – Kelli Burns Young
  • Publications Chair – Teri Crawley-Coha

May 2002

Phoenix, Arizona

Eleventh Annual Conference
May 17th and 18th, 2002
Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa

Under the direction of program chair Kelli Burns Young completing her term as program chair our conference was yet again a huge success. The program continues to grow and is now two full days. Our educational offerings this year were stellar in keeping with our tradition of excellence in program development. There were a variety of receptions throughout the conference providing a variety of opportunities for members to network and renew old friendships. We hosted our first international member Erica Thomas to our meeting opening the doors for further expansion of our membership. Our organization continues to grow though technology and evidence based practice; hence the theme of this year seems to be one of continued growth and innovation.

Our website continues to undergo major evolution increasing access for our members through the worldwide web. Our history is now recorded on digital images and those are available to members by e-mail. We look forward to being able to post these images on our web site in the future. Members are planning two major multi-center research projects. Onsite coordinators met at poolside to work out the details of IRB review.

Our fund raising activities are flourishing. We fine-tuned the criteria for research and scholarship awards and hope to make those awards available to members over the coming years. The APSNA store continues to flourish and continues to be a source of revenue. These funds are being placed in interest bearing accounts until such time that they can be disbursed to benefit our members.

Members were given calculators with the APSNA logo as their member gift this year. Membership renewals were available on-line for the first time.

The 2002-2003 Board of Directors:

  • President – Melinda Klar
  • President Elect – Kelli Burns Young
  • Past President – Laura Flanigan
  • Treasurer – Barbara Mariscal
  • Secretary – Tracey England
  • Development Chair – Tina Shapiro
  • Director at Large – Neil Ead
  • Education Chair – Fran Gill
  • Information Systems Chair – Linda Haga
  • Membership Chair – Nan Lim-Sulit
  • Nominations Chair – Jeannette Diana
  • Program Chair – Karen Iacono
  • Publications Chair – Lynne Farber

May 2003

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Twelfth Annual Conference
May 22-24, 2003
Marriott Harbor Beach Resort and Spa

Our organization continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Membership has increased to almost three hundred and over one-third of our members were registered for conference this year. Kudos to our program chair Karen Iacono who began her first year as program chair for orchestrating a first rate program. We enjoyed two and one-half days of cutting edge educational offerings and great social events.

We held a "Walk for Research" to raise money for our research gift fund. Members participated in an exhilarating morning walk along Fort Lauderdale Beach. We hope to include this as a yearly fund raising event. Plans were soon underway to hold our second event in Jacksonville next year.

The overall theme this year has been one of broad sweeping change throughout the organization. Under the capable leadership of our President Melinda Klar, a strategic planning session was held at our Pre-Conference Board Meeting. A vision statement was derived from that brain storming session. That statement was further refined and dovetailed into major revisions to our Bylaws. This has opened the door to even further organizational growth. 

Those members who came to enjoy shopping at the APSNA store were disappointed to find that our store would be closing its doors for the last time. Revenues continued to diminish over the years and the costs of shipping items to our conference each year further diminished profits. We will continue to explore other sources of revenue with the goal being increasing member services.

The Web-Master position was converted to a Standing Committee Chair on the board. Our website underwent monumental changes under the direction of Linda Haga. She worked tirelessly with our new web designers at Triad Communication to develop our site. Online services expanded to include membership renewal, conference registration, links to education and publications as well as many other options now available to members at the stroke of a key. 

Two multi-center studies continued, one lead by Loni Wishnie, “Impact Study: Is Self-perception Related to Timing of Social Bowel Continence Among Children with Anorectal Malformations or Hirschsprung’s Disease,” and a second study group on granulation tissue around gastrostomy tube sites, led by Jenny Kreiss. Beth Zimmerman conducted an APSNA salary survey.

Elections were held on-line for the first time!

We continue to expand our outreach on the international front. Our Director At Large Neil Ead was invited to speak at the Turkish Pediatric Surgical Nurses Conference in San Liurfa, Turkey. He gave two presentations. Abdominal Wall Defects, Tracheo-Esophageal Fistulae and Esophageal Atresia and Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. This was a fantastic opportunity to put APSNA on the map. Overall a pretty remarkable year! 

The 2003-2004 Board of Directors:

  • President – Kelli Burns Young
  • President Elect – Pam Pieper
  • Past President – Melinda Klar
  • Treasurer – Chris McKenna
  • Secretary – Tracey England
  • Development Chair – Beth Jarosz
  • Director at Large – Neil Ead
  • Education Chair – Fran Gill
  • Information Systems Chair – Linda Haga
  • Membership Chair – Nan Lim-Sulit
  • Nominations Chair – Lani Wishni Wolfe
  • Program Chair – Karen Iacono
  • Publications Chair – Lynne Farber

May 2004

Jacksonville, Florida

Thirteenth Annual Conference
May 24-27, 2004
Pontevedra Beach Resort

2003-2004 was a year of rapid growth for APSNA. Our web site has undergone continued improvement under the leadership of Linda Haga. Each year members have more and more electronic access to APSNA benefits and services. In collaboration with our Publications Chair Lynne Farber, Linda oversaw the development of our online newsletter. Members now have access to the research and scholarship grant applications through the web site. We will be awarding our first Research and Scholarship funds in 2004-2005 The Board is delighted to see this member benefit finally come to fruition.

The Sawgrass Marriott was the site of our annual meeting this year. Karen Iacono put together another stellar conference. The quality of our educational offerings is top notch and the receptions and dinner were uniformly outstanding. Members participated in our second walk for research. This fundraiser continues to be a huge success. The Founder’s Award was presented to Jeanette Dianna this year. The selection process for the Founder’s Award is difficult to say the least. Each year the selection committee struggles with choosing between very talented nominees. This process will undergo major revision this year under the leadership of Lani Wolfe our Nominations Chair.

Elections were held in the Fall this year for the first time rather than the Winter.

The first “Weaving through the Web,” a useful guide to help members navigate the APSNA website and listserve was developed.

Our board continues to work to refine the workings and structure of our organization. The APSNA bylaws underwent major revisions. The extensive changes were voted on at our business meeting this year. We plan to tighten up the job descriptions of all board members and re-submit our application for tax-exempt status.

The 2004-2005 Board of Directors:

  • President – Pam Pieper
  • President Elect – Beth Zimmerman
  • Past President – Kelli Burns Young
  • Treasurer – Chris McKenna
  • Secretary – Kathy Leack
  • Development Chair – Beth Jarosz
  • Director at Large – Neil Ead
  • Education Chair – Fran Gill
  • Information Systems Chair – Linda Haga
  • Membership Chair – Muggs Helin
  • Nominations Chair – Lani Wishni Wolfe
  • Program Chair – Donna Nowicki
  • Publications Chair – Lynne Farber

May 2005

Phoenix, Arizona

Fourteenth Annual Conference
May 26-29, 2005
Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa

Our membership has grown in numbers and diversity. We boast international members and are now reaching out to other organizations with similar interests. Our members make it all possible.

Clearly, this year has been a whirlwind of productivity thanks to the strong leadership of our President Pam Pieper and the hard work of our Officers, Committee Chairs and APSNA members. Past President Carmel McComiskey and Pam continued to refine the roles of our board members with the final revision of our job descriptions and the creation of timelines and a mentoring process to help usher in new blood. President Elect Beth Zimmerman will continue this vision as we proceed into her term.

Linda Haga our Information Technology Chair continues to increase our communication among board members with our board group listserv. She also continues to find ways to offer more and more benefits to our members through our website. Lynne Farber has done wonders with Sutureline. Our newsletter has been brilliantly formatted for online display and available to all members on the website. 

Our re-application for tax-exempt status has moved forward under the direction of our Treasurer, Chris McKenna. The role of Treasurer is a monumental job and Chris has done a tremendous amount of work this year to oversee our organization's finances. Under the direction of Nominations Chair Lani Wolfe, we have created a more objective method for selecting our Founder’s Award recipients. We were delighted to add Betty Kasson to our distinguished list of Founder’s Award recipients.

One of my greatest pleasures as Director at Large was to bring to fruition the APSNA Research and Education Grant Award. Renee Manworren received the Research Grant for her patient controlled analgesia project and Lori Young received the Education Grant to help with tuition toward her BSN.

Our annual meeting continues to be the highlight of the year. Putting together a program like this takes a tremendous amount of work all year for the Program Chair, Education Chair and their committee members. We all enjoyed another world-class meeting due to the tireless and diligent leadership of our Program Chair, Donna Nowicki. Beth Jarosz our Development Chair relentlessly pursued the support of vendors ensuring some healthy support to help subsidize a very costly event.

Lastly, Nancy Tkacz Browne has formed a group to begin the work of revising our textbook Nursing Care of the General Pediatric Surgical Patient, therefore a second edition. Original and new authors will participate in this project. Four teams have been assembled to oversee the project: Nancy Tkacz and Lynne Farber, Carmel McComiskey and Betty Kasson, Laura Flanigan and Fran Gill, and Pam Pieper and Jeannette Diana. Stay tuned for an update next year!!

At the Business Meeting, the monographs were retired. Over time, the monographs have been lost and/or original authors have not been able to be identified.  The information existing will be incorporated into the textbook.  APSNA efforts are to focus on textbook revision.

The 2005-2006 Board of Directors: 

  • President – Beth Zimmerman
  • President Elect – Linda Hagan
  • Past President – Pam Pieper
  • Treasurer – Nancy Jacobs
  • Secretary – Kathy Leack
  • Development Chair – Patti Smith
  • Director at Large – Neil Ead
  • Education Chair – Fran Gill
  • Information Systems Chair – Angie Landholm
  • Membership Chair – Muggs Helin
  • Nominations Chair – Beth Wallace
  • Program Chair – Donna Nowicki
  • Publications Chair – Debbi Thomson

May 2006

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Fifteenth Annual Conference
May 18-21, 2006
Hilton Head Marriott Beach and Golf Resort

The APSNA conference this year was served up with Southern warmth and hospitality. As common as the Spanish moss in the trees were the praises for the quality of the program. There were a record number of attendees and they hailed from both inside and outside the borders of the United States. We have much of which to be proud. Donna Nowicki deserves much praise for pulling together such a great event and Patti Smith needs a pat on the back for soliciting the superb amount of vendor support we had this year. Without their diligence we would not have had this up-to-date conference.

Beth Zimmerman welcomed us with an inspiring address that reminded us how we are influenced by and in turn influence our environment. We learned that we have accomplished a lot this past year as an organization. Fran Gill reported that through much picking over of documentation and much patience on her part, we were awarded ANCC accreditation. Nancy Jacobs was able to complete work previously begun and now we have tax-exempt status. Nancy Tkacz Browne was enthusiastic with praise for all the editors, team members, authors and artists who have spent countless hours developing the second edition of our textbook. She reports that the work is "in the queue" for publication and we should have a finished product by fall.

After a wonderful low-country boil on the terrace Saturday night, we were given the chance to honor several of our own. Valerie Rogers received an educational scholarship toward her doctoral pursuit. Cynthia Bishop, Patti Smith and Lani Wolfe received research grant money for a multi-institutional study. We were treated with the reading of two very moving letters of recommendation for Founder’s Award praising Nancy Tkacz Browne and Laura Phearman. It must have been an incredibly difficult decision by the committee but Nancy T. Browne was the recipient of this year's Founder’s Award. 

Sunday morning saw a large number of members who turned out for our annual research walk. The beach was fabulous that morning and a great way to start the day. If you were a part of this year's conference you will know that this can only serve as an incomplete review of everything that there was to see, hear, taste and experience. If you were not able to join us, make sure your calendar is cleared for next year in Orlando! 

The 2006-2007 Board of Directors:

  • President – Linda Haga
  • President Elect – Fran Gill
  • Past President – Beth Zimmerman
  • Treasurer – Nancy Jacobs
  • Secretary – Leona Burnham
  • Development Chair – Patti Smith
  • Director at Large – Beverly Haynes
  • Education Chair – Tracy McTiernan
  • Information Systems Chair – Angie Landholm
  • Membership Chair – Linda Adams
  • Nominations Chair– Beth Wallace
  • Program Chair – Ellen O’Donnell
  • Publications Chair– Debbi Thomson

May 2007

Orlando, Florida

Sixteenth Annual Conference
May 21-24, 2007
JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes

Orlando! Land of magic and fantasy!

It truly seemed that our planners pulled off a feat of magic when this year’s conference was over. With hardly a hitch, things moved along as hoped. The posters and presentations have become more and more professional and very scientific. Attendees are able to leave with new ideas, new information and new contacts. The vendors seem to be very glad to teach us how to better take care of our clients.

We were made to feel very welcome and comfortable in our surroundings. All the Marriott staff was helpful and friendly. They really seemed to appreciate nurses!

This year will be remembered as the one in which we realized we have truly come into our own as a respected, worthwhile and financially sound organization. We had exceptional vendor support and high-quality speakers. We were able to give ourselves, as an organization, a raise for the first time in many years. We will also begin receiving Pediatric Nursing without charge, in addition to our already wonderful Sutureline. 

The conference was fantastic but not a fantasy. It doesn’t take magic to do what we have done. It takes hard work and a belief in us. Every member should congratulate himself or herself on this conference. You are the magic.

The 2007-2008 Board of Directors:

  • President – Fran Gill
  • President Elect – Jeannette Diana
  • Past President – Linda Haga
  • Treasurer – Carolyn Ross
  • Secretary – Leona Burnham
  • Development Chair – Susan Ziegfeld
  • Director at Large – Beverly Haynes
  • Education Chair – Tracy McTiernan
  • Information Systems Chair – Lynne Farber
  • Membership Chair – Linda Adams
  • Nominations Chair – Beth Wallace
  • Program Chair – Ellen O’Donnell
  • Publications Chair – Debbi Thomson

May 2008

Phoenix, Arizona

Seventeenth Annual Conference
May 26-29, 2008
JW Marriott Dessert Ridge Resort and Spa

This has been one of the most incredible years ever for APSNA. It seems that "all the stars lined up" for ideas to become reality, ideas that had been many years in formulation. The APSNA Board of Directors for the first time met in person bi-annually, in November of 2007 in Orlando, for an intensive weekend of hammering out a strategic plan for APSNA. The innovative approach trialed at that meeting resulted in so much work accomplished and so many ideas being tossed around that it is almost certain to become the norm for the Board for years to come.

This year’s hard work led APSNA to develop a relationship with AORN. APSNA and AORN members now have the option of joining each other’s organizations and ANA all at the same time. After talks with AORN, both groups realized the value of working together for the good of our shared pediatric patients. ANA leaders were so impressed with the fact that APSNA is directed by volunteers and has been able to accomplish so much, such as a textbook, a second edition of the textbook and a handbook. 

APSNA and APSA have made a decision to partner to support optimal pediatric surgical nursing care. This has been a goal for years, but to see the enthusiasm with which we are being embraced by the surgeon’s organization is so exciting. As we work together to ensure both organizations are going in the same direction we should see amazing things happen. 

We saw a deeper collaborative relationship develop between Pediatric Nursing (the journal) and APSNA. APSNA, in the person of Fran Gill, will be an invited speaker at the Pediatric Nursing Conference this year.

APSNA began to investigate public policy and had Board representation as Susan Ziegfeld attended the "Nurse in Washington" course. We hope to begin making our voices heard through political means as we try to impact pediatric care.

We officially recognized the Bariatric Surgery Special Interest Group. These nurses have a passion for helping kids caught up in the obesity epidemic. This group has collaborated with APSA to develop a position statement that will serve these children and the medical and surgical community.

Through generous donations, we were able to set up the Foster WOCN Grant and the Flanigan Grant. Liz Foster made a donation to set up a fund to assist members who have a desire to develop their skills and further their education in the area of enterostomal and wound care therapy. Another fund was established in honor of Laura Flanigan by her surgeon upon the occasion of her retirement. This fund will create a monetary award that will be given to the winner of the poster submissions at each conference.

APSNA developed its first organizational policies.

The APSNA phone number became the Membership Chair’s phone number.

Our address officially became the same address as the APSA headquarters.  This provided a physical address for APSNA, and no longer a PO BOX in Pittsburgh, PA.

Now for the conference! Ellen O’Donnell and her committee did a fabulous job making all the arrangements that are necessary to pull off a conference of this magnitude. We had the largest group, ever, to attend this West Coast conference.

The 17th Annual Scientific Meeting in Phoenix began with a welcome reception for new members. The following morning a fabulous Presidential address by Fran Gill inspired us and moved us to laughter and tears with many reflections on childhood and childhood memories. Attendees enjoyed two and a half days of presentations on diverse topics such as "Evidence Based Practice," "Vascular Anomalies," "Pilonidal Cysts," "Name That Diagnosis," "Electronic Medical Records,” "Abdominal Tumors," "The Adolescent Lap Band Journey," "Biliary Atresia," and "Omegaven, a Fish-Oil Based Fat Emulsion."

Our annual Awards Banquet recognized two staff nurses with the first-ever "Clinical Spotlight Awards." The 2008 APSNA Founder’s Award winner was Lynne Farber, RN, MSN, CPNP from UNC-Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

On the second conference morning Betty Kasson motivated us with her presentation on "Discovering Leadership in Pediatric Surgical Nurses." On the third morning of the conference approximately fifty members participated in the Annual Walk for Research in beautiful sunny Phoenix. Following the walk, conference attendees participated in four concurrent "hands-on" sessions on: Enteral tubes, Ostomy Care, Burns, and Public Speaking. The conference concluded with promises by all to try to meet in Puerto Rico in 2009, to renew our friendships, our organization and our education in pediatric surgery.

The 2008-2009 Board of Directors:

  • President – Jeannette Diana
  • President Elect – Muggs Helin
  • Past President – Fran Gill
  • Treasurer – Carolyn Ross
  • Secretary – Cyndi Bishop
  • Development Chair – Susan Ziegfeld
  • Director at Large – Debbi Thomson
  • Education Chair – Nancy Thompson
  • Information Systems Chair – Lynne Farber
  • Membership Chair – Jackie Cronau
  • Nominations Chair – Sofia Morales
  • Program Chair – Jenny Kreiss
  • Publications Chair – Pam Jones

May 2009

Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Eighteenth Annual Conference
May 25-28, 2009
El Conquistador Resort

2009 was an excellent year for APSNA! APSNA continued to build strong relationships with professional national healthcare organizations such as the Association for Operating Room Nurses (AORN), the American Nurses Association (ANA), the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), the Nursing Organizations Alliance (NALA), and the American Pediatric Surgeons Association (APSA).

For the first time ever, our annual conference was held outside of the continental United States. Conference participants flew to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico for an outstanding three-day meeting. The conference included 31 scientific posters, twelve oral abstracts, and over twenty speakers on topics ranging from the clinical management of pediatric surgery diagnoses to professional practice issues. Our APSNA President, Jeanette Zerpa, started the conference off by inspiring members with her presidential address. Jeanette revealed true patient stories, "defining moments", that have had a profound effect on her nursing career and her life.

Ellen O’Donnell RN, MSN, CPNP, from Boston Children’s Hospital, received the prestigious Founder’s Award for 2009 at the annual awards banquet. Pam Pieper PhD, ARNP, PNP-BC and Tina Shapiro-Stoler PhD, MSN, ARNP were the recipients of APSNA Research Award Grants. Amy Brown RN, BSN, Seattle Children’s Hospital, was voted as the Poster Presentation Award winner for 2009.

Three historically significant events also occurred at this conference. Our APSNA President, Jeanette Zerpa, spoke by invitation to the pediatric surgeons at the opening session for APSA, defining the membership and goals of APSNA, encouraging the physicians’ recruitment of their nursing colleagues, and advocating for more collaboration between both organizations. APSA and APSNA held their first joint session, a panel discussion on the development of Pediatric Bariatric Surgery programs.

The very first APSNA position statement, regarding the use of ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) by children was drafted and revised by Fran Gill and Susan Ziegfield. The APSNA membership voted overwhelmingly in favor of adopting this position statement, making APSNA the first nursing organization to take a stand on this public safety issue.

In response to members’ inquiries in 2008, APSNA is pursuing recognition as a nursing specialty through ANA, which may eventually lead to certification in the specialty of pediatric surgery nursing. 2009 was a wonderfully productive year for APSNA and a very exciting time to be a member of this organization.

The 2009-2010 Board of Directors:

  • President – Muggs Helin
  • President Elect – Lynne Farber
  • Past President – Jeannette Diana
  • Treasurer – Nancy Jacobs
  • Secretary – Cyndi Bishop
  • Development Chair – Steadman McPeters
  • Director at Large – Debbi Thomson
  • Education Chair – Nancy Thompson
  • Information Systems Chair – Brenda Middlebrooks
  • Membership Chair – Jackie Cronau
  • Nominations Chair – Sofia Morales
  • Program Chair – Jenny Kreiss
  • Publications Chair – Kris Roberts