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About Us

About the American Pediatric Surgical Nurses Association, Inc. - An Introduction

The American Pediatric Surgical Nurses Association, Inc. (APSNA) was founded in 1992. 



To promote excellence in pediatric surgical nursing practice through educational offerings, nursing research, professional collaboration, and peer support.



All pediatric surgical patients will receive the highest quality nursing care that is patient and family centered.


Value Statements

  1. All pediatric surgical patients have a right to the highest quality surgical nursing care delivered with compassion.
  2. Family centered care is crucial to providing optimal care to the pediatric surgical patient.
  3. Respect for diversity of patients and colleagues are inherent to pediatric surgical nursing practice.
  4. The discipline of pediatric surgical nursing includes an evolving body of knowledge and research.
  5. Continuing education, consultation and research are fundamental to the practice of pediatric surgical nursing
  6. Pediatric surgical nursing is a subspecialty that is both independent and collaborative.



Join over 500 pediatric surgical nursing colleagues who care for children in perioperative, inpatient, outpatient, and office settings. APSNA membership spans the spectrum of the care of children requiring surgical care....from trauma to burns to injury prevention...from inpatient to ambulatory surgery...inpatient and outpatient care...neonatal through adolescent....NICU & PICU....the inpatient units....PACU....registered nurses and nurses in advanced practice....we are as diverse as the children we serve.

One member said it best, "We are the glue of the service". Come join a very special group of health professionals whose talents are many but whose focus is singular....children.