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Strategic Plan

2018 - 2021


VISION: The American Pediatric Surgical Nurses Association, Inc. (APSNA) will be the leading authority for the nursing care of pediatric surgical patients.


MISSION: We are the voice that shapes pediatric surgical nursing through advocacy, collaboration, mentorship and leadership. Based on a foundation of research, education and innovation, we will transform care delivery for pediatric surgical patients.

Core Values:

Diversity and Inclusion - Act according to a strong code of ethics demonstrating acceptance, cooperation, flexibility, compromise and mutual respect.

Excellence - Establish and sustain professional competencies that promote pediatric surgical nursing to key stakeholders.

Integrity - Model and uphold transparency, accountability and honesty through actions, communication, and caring behaviors.

Innovation - Encourage inquiry and creativity to promote proactive, interactive, professional deliberations.

Scientific Inquiry - Commit to lifelong learning by actively contributing to an evolving body of scientific surgical nursing knowledge through research, publication, and dissemination.

Volunteerism - Provide members the ability to freely interact, discuss trends, and share knowledge.

The APSNA Strategic Plan guides the Board of Directors (BOD) in governance of the association. It focuses their strategic decision-making and ongoing operational work. It is a working document, informed by feedback from committees, special interest groups, and the membership, that undergoes revision and renewal every three years to ensure its relevance.


Overview of the Strategic Planning Process: Our preliminary data collection and review helped us in proposing the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) Future of Nursing – Key Messages to assist us in strategic planning.  The Four Key IOM Messages are:

  1. Nurses should practice to the full extent of their education and training.
  2. Nurses should achieve higher levels of education and training through an improved education system that promotes seamless academic progress
  3. Nurses should be full partners with physicians and other health professionals in redesigning health care in the United States.
  4. Effective work force planning and policy making require better data collection and an improved information infrastructure.

In the summer of 2017, the APSNA membership was polled regarding organizational activities and projected programs. Based on these tabulated results, the 2017-2018 BOD reviewed and updated this strategic plan to continue proactively set direction and priorities for APSNA. This plan refines and expands APSNA's previous strategic plan and defines APSNA’s future direction. It is the group’s consensus on what will constitute APSNA’s future success.


The APSNA Strategic Plan 2018 - 2021


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