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Special Interest Groups

nurse.jpg APSNA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) allow members to share common interests in an organized, formal manner. As resources for the APSNA Board of Directors and general membership, these groups provide expertise for projects such as the development of Position Statements or educational materials; offer advice on pending legislation; act as Task Force members; or serve as liaisons to other organizations.

These groups are led by chairpersons and operate under the direction of APSNA’s Director of Practice and Quality. There is a new policy for SIG project proposals to ensure all SIG projects receive equitable consideration for funding.

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APSNA's current roster of SIGs includes:



The Colorectal SIG seeks to enhance the knowledge and promote discussion of colorectal strategies. The goal is to provide education, peer support and encourage development of colorectalt care to all patients across the world.

Chairs: Patricia Kern, Monica Holder


> Pediatric Obesity, Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

The Pediatric Obesity SIG seeks to address the needs of our pediatric surgical patients who are affected by the disease of obesity. The SIG’s goal is to increase awareness of the emerging normal physiology of the body’s energy management system and the pathophysiology manifested often (but not always) by increased adiposity. The SIG provides education on obesity related comorbidities that impact the care of children affected by obesity who have surgery. The SIG also advocates for the recognition and elimination of weight bias and discrimination that challenges children with obesity.

Chair: Lori Lynch


> Trauma

The goal of the Trauma SIG is to discuss current issues in Pediatric Trauma care. Monthly conference calls are utilized to enable expert nurses, from across the country, to share insights through active collaboration. Scholarly projects are formulated and implemented to impact trauma prevention efforts and support optimal clinical outcomes (i.e. conference offerings, publications, annual multi-center Summer Safety Event).

Chairs: Lauren KanamoriMelisa Hill


> Global Health

The Global Health SIG partners with nursing and pediatric surgical colleagues around the world to provide education and peer support. Our goal is to advance excellence in pediatric surgical nursing care to all children through global service and education projects.

Chair: Nanita Lim-Sulit


> Chest Wall Anomaly

The Chest Wall Anomaly Special Interest Group (SIG) is comprised of APSNA members with a common interest in the pectus population. Our Chest Wall SIG aims to develop and disseminate progressive care models for children and adolescents with pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum. Involvement with this SIG can better provide for collaboration in research for this population and together we can have the opportunity to explore innovative treatment modalities with like-minded peers.

Chairs: Amy Pierce, Beth Orrick


> Surgical Verification

The Surgical Verification Special Interest Group (SIG) is comprised of APSNA members with a common interest in surgical verification. The initial goal of the Surgical Verification SIG is to improve communication between APSNA members who participate in the verification of hospitals by the ACS by creating a listserve and group that can ask questions about the verification process and data capture. Members can share their organizations’ process and best practices within the SIG and these questions/answers will not be shared with the ACS (Goal being private, secure, and non-retaliatory by the ACS).

Chairs: Ingry Jaramillo, Ashley Parent