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Pediatric Surgical Nursing Textbook
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Nursing Care of the Pediatric Surgical Patient, 3rd Edition

This is the first book to address all aspects of pediatric general surgery from a nursing perspective-appropriate for nurses in pediatric surgery departments, student nurses interested in pediatric surgery, and nurse managers, this book packages all aspects of the pediatric surgical nurse's job into one comprehensive reference

Editorial Review

Nursing Care of the Pediatric Surgical Patient

Reviewer: Robert M Arensman, MD (University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine)

Description: Originally conceived to fill a void in the nursing literature, this is the third edition of the best source of information specific to the surgical nursing care of children, from the American Pediatric Surgical Nurses Association, Inc. (APSNA).

Purpose:"In this edition, we focused our attention on the current best evidence to drive patient care and improve patient outcomes." This is a lofty purpose, but deservedly so, since it is directed at our most precious commodity, our children. To this end, the five editors and 40-plus contributors are successful.

Audience: This book is essential for all nurses in this country or internationally who have as their primary task the nursing care of children, especially those who have undergone surgical procedures. The editors and contributors are experienced pediatric surgical nurses from some of the most respected centers in North America. Most of them have had leadership positions in their institutions, national pediatric surgery nursing, or the APSNA.

Features: The book is divided into five parts. All are valuable, but perhaps the most important is the first part, which deals with the broad issues of pediatric surgical nursing: ostomy care, wound management, bowel management, pain, tubes and drains, etc. These are the fine points of surgical nursing which often make the difference between success and complications. The other four parts are more anatomical in their setup and deal with surgery of the head, neck. and thorax, congenital abdominal conditions, acquired abdominal problems, and complex problems (trauma, tumors, complex biliary problems). All chapters are appropriately illustrated and referenced.

Assessment:"For us, this has been a work of love: love of our patients, love of pediatric surgical nursing, and love of colleagues ..." The care and precision that went into the preparation of this third edition amply reflects this love. Revisions, deletions, and additions justify replacement of earlier editions.