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Board Of Directors 2013
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elections for the
APSNA 2013 Board of Directors Nominees

Members of APSNA have nominated these highly qualified candidates to fill the available seats on our Board of Directors. The candidates represent the evolving membership in APSNA, with greater representation from around the country. APSNA is a young organization that in a short time has grown tremendously in scope, membership, and professionalism. It is a pleasure to see a diverse pool of qualified candidates that reflects that growth.

The candidates deserve your thoughtful consideration and your vote. Please take the time to be involved in the selection of your APSNA leadership through your informed vote.

Ellen O'Donnell

President APSNA



APSNA is proud to announce the opening of the elections for the
2013 Board of Directors with the following candidates.

Please scroll or click "profile details" to review the candidates.



Rosaline CaldwellMore Candidate Info


More Candidate InfoChris McKenna





More Candidate InfoNatalie Walker




More Candidate Info

Kathy Leack


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Kim McIltrot





Margie BirdsongMore Candidate Info





Barbara BrattonMore Candidate Info





Rosaline Caldwell, MSN, APRN, CPNP:
Candidate: President Elect

  • Place of current employment and job title:
    Sutton Children’s Medical Center at Christus Schumpert: Pediatric Surgical Associates. Pediatric Surgical Nurse Practitioner.

  • Major areas of responsibility:
    I provide professional services within the scope of practice according to the Louisiana State Board of Nursing. Such care will include, but not limited to, the following functions:
    • Patient Management (Inpatient and Outpatient pediatric surgery patients)
    • Health history, physical examination, admit and discharge patients
    • Consultant (Collaborate with other members of the healthcare team)
    • Family Care (education and communication)
    • Educator (staff, students, and colleagues) and Research
    • Prescribe drugs as necessary and appropriate

  • Education background, degrees held, special certifications:
    ADN, 1997, BSN, 2000, MSN, APRN, 2005. Certified PNP 2005; Nominee, Louisiana Nurses Foundation, Nightingale 2010 Advanced Practice Nurse of the Year;

  • Past or present experiences and responsibilities that contribute to your qualifications for the office sought:
    I currently serve on the Board of Directors as the Development Chair. Last year, I raised a historical amount of funding for our organization. This year, my goal is to exceed that amount even further. I am a leader who loves to serve! I take ownership of every project I’m involved in and encourage others to do the same. I pay attention to detail, work well with people, and have the amazing ability to resolve conflicts. I serve as a liaison between surgeons and families as well as surgeons and nursing staff. I enjoy taking fresh ideas making them a reality. I expect excellence from myself as well as others. I have the ability to walk in a room and change the entire mood! My smile, my personality, my conversation gets people interested and excited!!! I am sought out to lecture, discuss and mentor in Pediatric Surgery. I work with the only Pediatric Surgery Team in a 250 mile radius of my city, which makes me a leader for my specialty.

  • Summary of your goals for the position:
    • Work to build leaders for APSNA by inspiring and encouraging members.
    • Be involved on the front end of new initiatives to take APSNA to the next level.
    • Develop ways to engage members of APSNA.
    • Build relationships with other nursing organizations in an effort to network so others may have a perspective of APSNA’s achievements and patterns of success.
    • Increase International Involvement


Chris McKenna, MSN, CRNP:
Candidate: President Elect

  • Place of current employment and job title:
    Manager, Trauma Clinical Services, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

  • Major areas of responsibility:
    I am responsible for the care provided to the injured child throughout the continuum of care. I oversee the day-to-day operations of the trauma program and am responsible for its ongoing accreditation. I also function as our inpatient pediatric trauma nurse practitioner a minimum of one day/week.

  • Education background, degrees held, special certifications:
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Indiana University
    Master of Science in pediatric acute care nursing, Boston College
    Master of Science in Nursing, pediatric primary care, University of Pittsburgh
    Certified by PNCB as a primary and acute care pediatric nurse practitioner.

  • Past or present experiences and responsibilities that contribute to your qualifications for the office sought:
    • 27-year career dedicated to the care of pediatric surgery & trauma patients
    • Charter member of APSNA 1993 to present.
    • Founding treasurer & board member of APSNA (1993-1996) with 2nd term 2003-2005
    • Co-editor of first edition of Nursing Care of the General Pediatric Surgical Patient; chapter author in third edition
    • Current Trauma Special Interest Group Co-Chair
    • 2011 APSNA Founders Award Winner
      &nbrsp;Multiple podium and poster presentations at APSNA Annual Conferences
    • Previous leadership experience:
    • President of the Allegheny County Safe Kids Coalition
    • Chair of the Pennsylvania Trauma Nurse Advisory Council
    • Co-Chair of the Pediatric SIG of the Society of Trauma Nurses

  • Summary of your goals for the position:
    I have loved pediatric surgical patients and pediatric surgical nursing since my very first job as a staff nurse at Cincinnati Children’s in 1985. I was thrilled to attend my first APSNA conference in 1993 and find so many others of like mind. My overall goal for the position of President-Elect is to support the mission, vision, values and goals of APSNA and its membership. I see as my specific goals:
    • to support other nurses whose career choice is pediatric surgical nursing
    • to optimize APSNA resources to improve care provided to the pediatric surgical patient and family
    • to encourage a multi-center research study amongst APSNA members
    • to explore the possibility of regional APSNA meetings to share the expertise of our members beyond the annual meeting


Natalie Walker MSN CRNP Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner:
Candidate: DevelopmentChair

  • Place of current employment and job title:
    The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Pediatric General, Thoracic and Fetal Surgery Division.

  • Major areas of responsibility:
    • Inpatient and outpatient care of pediatric surgical patients
    • Co coordinator for Pediatric Anorectal Continence Program
    • Preceptor for new hires and graduate students
    • General Surgery Liaison for Perioperative Services

  • Education background, degrees held, special certifications:
    BSN- West Chester University
    MSN Pediatric Acute/Chronic Program – University of Pennsylvania
    Clinical Associate University of Pennsylvania
    Certification- ANCC Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

  • Past or present experiences and responsibilities that contribute to your qualifications for the office sought:
    Developing and maintaining positive relationships is an important part of my role as a pediatric general surgery nurse practitioner at CHOP. In my ten years in this role, I have made and kept collaborative relationships with surgeons, nurse practitioners, nurses, vendors, families, and patients. I believe that this is one of my greatest strengths. I have used my outgoing personality to make these relationships beneficial for both parties. Vendors have often sought my knowledge and opinion in regards to their products, and I have been a valuable asset in educating my colleagues about the products. By keeping open communication in person, on the telephone, and through e-mail, I have been able to maintain long-standing relationships with vendors in wound care, ostomy supplies, and G-tubes. These relationships have led to financial commitments for CHOP’s annual surgical nursing conference. My ability to maintain these relationships, as well as my organizational skills and work ethic, make me an ideal person for this position.

  • Summary of your goals for the position:

    I would like to strengthen current relationships with vendors as well as increase vendor sponsorship. I will utilize my strong interpersonal skills to solicit new vendor participation in our annual conference. I will plan a well organized research and education walk/ run at the annual conference that is both enjoyable and financially beneficial.


Kathleen M. Leack MS RN:
Candidate: Publication Chair

  • Place of current employment and job title:
    General Surgery Clinical Nurse Specialist, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI

  • Major areas of responsibility:
    Case manager for General Surgical population; nurse educator for staff regarding general surgical conditions, gastrostomy tubes, ostomy care; CHW organizational leader specifically related to broad clinical practice changes
  • Education background, degrees held, special certifications:
    2009 M.S. University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
    1987 B.S.N. Marquette University
  • Past or present experiences and responsibilities that contribute to your qualifications for the office sought:
    • APSNA Member 1994 - present; APSNA Secretary (2004-06); APSNA Nomination Committee Chair (1997-99)
    • Care of the Pediatric Surgical Patient APSNA text– chapter author
    • Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin – multiple committees/leadership roles
    • > Clinical Navigation Team – co-chair
      > Surgical Short Stay initiative
      > Enteral Tube standardization initiative
      > OR Committee
      > Unit-Based APN group
      > Operative Experience Clinical Practice Group
      > Comfort Zone Committee
      > G-tube resource RN clinical practice group
      > Nurse Educator for undergraduate nursing students

  • Summary of your goals for the position:
    I would like to continue the APSNA tradition of providing excellent educational offerings pertaining to care of the pediatric surgical patient. I will seek to draw from the membership topics and issues that are pertinent to their practice regardless of role or place of practice. I would like to enhance our ability to care for the pediatric surgical patient within the electronic health record with specific attention to care planning, documentation, and care continuum across encounters. I look forward to ongoing leadership within the APNSA organization.


Kimberly Haus Mciltrot, DNP, CPNP, CWOCN :
Candidate: Publications Chair

  • Place of current employment and job title:
    Johns Hopkins Hospital, Lead Nurse Practitioner General Pediatric Surgery and Wound Ostomy Continence Consultant for the Children’s Center

  • Major areas of responsibility:
    My responsibilities include all outpatient care of the General Pediatric Surgery patient and inpatient care of GPS patients including consults for wounds and ostomies from other services in the Children’s Center. As the lead NP I have administrative duties and I also participate in research projects for our department including study coordination, writing and abstract presentations.

  • Education background, degrees held, special certifications:
    BS from Widener University 1989; MS (PNP) from University of Maryland1996; DNP from Johns Hopkins University 2010. WOCN certification since 1999

  • Past or present experiences and responsibilities that contribute to your qualifications for the office sought:
    My organization and editing skills are essential for the production of Sutureline. A knowledge of Microsoft Publisher and previous work with committees on "layout” and marketing contribute to a professional and pleasing image of publications. I have used these skills to continually strive for an improved Sutureline. The past year and a half working on the board has given me great insight into the organization and a greater understanding of the Publications Chair.

  • Summary of your goals for the position:
    I currently hold the Publications Chair position and I am running for the position again to continue to work on the image of Sutureline. I would like to further assess the needs of the membership and their desires for the publication and to keep Publications moving forward with the mission and vision of the APSNA organization. As the Publications Chair I would continue to develop a mentorship program to encourage new authors to write for publications while helping to elevate the image of the Sutureline so that authors want to publish in our organizations journal.


Margaret Birdsong, MSN, CPNP, CWOCN:
Candidate: Information System Chair

  • Place of current employment and job title:
    Johns Hopkins Hospital, Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, CWOCN

  • Major areas of responsibility:
    • Provide care to the General Pediatric Surgical patient
    • Assist in clinic with pre and post-op surgical patients
    • Follow-up patient/family phone calls
    • Provide extensive teaching to families for the care of the surgical child
    • Consult for wound/ostomy/continence needs for the Children’s center
    • Biofeedback clinic for bowel management
    • Consult to sub-acute hospitals for surgical consults
    • Provide staff education for the surgical patient

  • Education background, degrees held, special certifications:
    Graduate from Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing 2002, MSN, CPNP, Pals certification, WOCN certification

  • Past or present experiences and responsibilities that contribute to your qualifications for the office sought:
    Pediatric Surgery nursing is exciting and ever changing. I enjoy and look forward to new and exciting challenges that pediatric surgery has to offer. I am honored to be nominated and hopefully will have the opportunity to continue to serve the APSNA board in the role of Information Systems Chair. I have been an active member of APSNA since 2001. I have currently been in this position for the past two years, and have worked closely with the Web Administrator to better communicate information to the APSNA members. This was achieved through more clear concise announcements sent to all members via News You Can Use. Additionally, the website was made more user friendly for members to navigate. If elected, I will work diligently to increase communication between the board and APSNA members.

  • Summary of your goals for the position:
    • Increase communication for the ASPNA organization
    • Directly work with the Web Administrator to communicate needs of the APSNA organization and maintain the website
    • Maintain listserve in cooperation with Web Administrator from Triad
    • Support the APSNA board members


Barbara Jean Bratton RN, MSN, PNP-BC:
Candidate: Treasurer

  • Place of current employment and job title:
    University of California, San Francisco
    Benioff Children’s Hospital
    Division of Pediatric Surgery
    Clinical Nurse V

  • Major areas of responsibility:
    Coordination of a long term-follow program for surgical patients.

  • Education background, degrees held, special certifications:
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    Master of Science in Nursing
    Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Certificate
    ANCC PNP certification

  • Past or present experiences and responsibilities that contribute to your qualifications for the office sought:
    I have held the following office: Treasurer for the Neonatal Nurses or Northern CA 1989-1991. I have been a member of APSNA over a decade.

  • Summary of your goals for the position:
      • Ensure that financial records are well organized, accurate and current.
      • Support the organization’s needs for well-conceived expenditures while maintaining fiscal prudence.
      • Contribute to the activities of the board as an engaged, positive and responsible member.