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2012 Annual Conference
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No on-site registration is available.

May 17th-20th 2012

San Antonio, Texas

2012 Annual Conference Evaluations - FAQs

Why was the conference evaluation so long?

Our education accreditors want contact hour providers to have more needs assessment data than ever. Because the 2012 APSNA Membership Survey had such a poor response rate, we opted to request input from our membership via the conference evaluation. We need this data not only to remain accredited, but it provides valuable information for future planning. For example, it provides information regarding member knowledge gaps, needs assessment, and future program, educational planning.

Who attends the conference (Work function representation) [93 Respondents]:


Clinical Nurse Specialist


Nurse Practitioner


Nurse Manager




Staff Nurse





Is it cost prohibitive to put the presentations on a CD, have Wi-Fi available, or have more breakout sessions at the conference?

We can give a CD of the lectures to attendees (and we have), but if we do not have all the lectures in on time then the CD is not complete. We can offer printing of the syllabus or handouts on site, however this usually incurs a fee that most attendees do not or can pay.

As for WiFi, at this year’s conference in San Antonio, the cost ranged from $50 - $150 per person for access. The WiFi in the conference area was different than the room WiFi so there was an extra charge even if you were a guest of the hotel.

The cost of Breakout Sessions is also weighed heavily. Each room is an additional large expense plus the AV equipment. The AV equipment alone is more than $1500 per room.

APSNA is a non-profit organization with an all-volunteer board. The annual conference is the major promulgator of APSNA’s mission and vision. Much detail is given in planning the program, not only from an educational level, but from a professional, management venue. The cost for the annual conference is approximately $65,000 to $77,000. The organization has an approximate total revenue of $123,000 and expenses enumerating approximately $104,000 (again this includes the annual conference). The annual conference is not a revenue maker, it is a neutral expense. The organization is a very frugal organization. However, every effort is made that the energies and resources available are used wisely to provide a scientifically and experientially rich program while professionally managed and representative of the membership needs.