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Pediatric Surgical Information For Parents -
Teaching Sheets

These educational teaching sheets provide information on surgical conditions and their interventions, as well as devices and/or care directly or indirectly related to pediatric surgical care. Those related to surgical conditions offer a description of the condition, the symptoms, why surgery is needed, information about the surgery itself, a description of the probable length of hospital stay, the care needed at home after discharge and activity limitations. There is also a section about long-term consequences and when to call the doctor or nurse.

APSNA recognizes that practice differs in these areas. The teaching sheets are a description of frequent practice for these surgical conditions and/or interventions described, they are not meant to be definitive. We encourage modifying them to reflect your particular pediatric surgical practice.



Spanish: Gastrostomia

French: Gastrostomie


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Requests for reprinting, usage, etc., outside of reproducing and distributing these sheets to your surgery families, need to be addressed to Jones and Bartlett Learning, using the APSNA Jones and Bartlett Permission Agreement.

Questions regarding these sheets, including the revision or addition of them, should be addressed to the Director of Education: