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ASPNA Networking Forum
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THE APSNA Networking Forum

The APSNA Networking Forum is communication vehicle open to all APSNA members who choose to participate.

In order to receive email notifications for the listserv (now called Members Networking Forums), you will need to re-subscribe. To do so, please follow these instructions:

Click on Forums (right of this text)
Click on "General Discussion"
Click on "Forum Actions" to see a dropdown menu
Subscribe (by clicking on the green check mark) to either Instant Updates or Daily Digest

Instant Updates will send an email every time a new topic is posted, whereas Digest sends one daily email with all the new topics posted.

In order to receive email notifications for replies to topics, you will need to subscribe to the topics which interest you. You can do that by clicking "Subscribe to Instant Updates” in that topic. To do this you:

Click on the Topic title
Click on "Forum Threads" to see a dropdown menu
Subscribe (by clicking on the green check mark) to either Instant Updates or Daily Digest

Members, be sure to review the options online for the following topic-specific forums and use the same method for joining:

  • Bowel Management
  • Legislative
  • Pediatric Obesity
  • International
  • PeriOperative
  • Trauma
  • WOCN

Admission to the forum is based upon active membership and status. The APSNA Legal Policy can be found at this link.

Career, Event or Product Promotion via the Networking Forum

APSNA restricts the use of our Network Forum for the promotion of career and job openings. This is also true for the promotion of related events and conferences, as well as products. Please refer to the multiple advertising opportunities available with APSNA by visiting this webpage.


Requests and Distribution of Copyrighted Materials

As a general rule, copyrighted material is defined as a work that is 1) fixed in a tangible medium of expression, and 2) original. A work does not have to bear a copyright notice or be registered to be copyrighted.


It is the intent of APSNA to exercise the utmost effort in respecting the proprietary rights of authors and other creators. Copyright guidelines are briefly presented for members’ review:

1. Members must not send or upload material to the APSNA Nework Forum that is or may be protected by copyright unless written permission from the relevant copyright owner has been obtained (this includes, but is not limited to articles, news reports, book chapters, and presentations). Members may, however, provide a brief original summary or review of a copyrighted article and/or, in most cases, the URL link where the material may be found.

2. Members are therefore discouraged from requesting these types of materials through the APSNA Networking Forum.


Networking Forum  Etiquette


Following are some tips and guidelines for making your APSNA Networking Forum more productive and enjoyable.

1. Remember you are interacting with people.

Because you only see letters stringing across a screen, it is easy to forget or ignore that a person sits on the other side of the network. This can tempt people to excess verbal boldness or emotional explosions, leaving readers angry and hurt. Over the Internet, you should consider yourself as having a face-to-face conversation with someone in a crowded room. Cursing and raw abuse are not appropriate. Keep debate civil, and keep it a debate, not a slanderous brawl. Always remember behind every email address is another person.

2. Differentiate between public and private messages.

The listserve is public/member space. Personal messages, such as criticism of a person's writing style or new scarf should be sent to that person only. To broadcast such messages on the Networking Forum can embarrass and anger.

3. Make subject lines descriptive.

People should have a flavor of the message from glancing at the subject line. "Hello," is not as good as, "Changes in Reunion Schedule."

4. Edit the original message in your replies.

When replying to a message, re-send a few summarizing lines of the original message so the reader will know immediately what matter you are addressing. The user who receives dozens of messages a day can easily forget what he wrote a couple days before. However, do not re-send the entire original message, especially if long, as it might be unwanted by the receiver, and an unnecessary burden for servers.

5. Sign your postings.

It is good practice to include a few lines at the end of your message indicating your name and e-mail address as some mail programs do not automatically display such information. And it is best to keep such electronic signatures reasonably short.

6. Be brief. Say your say succinctly.

It will have a greater impact and more people will read it.

7. Write clearly and logically.

Simplicity of expression usually is best. Sudden poetic bursts intended to "impress" usually do not impress, and may bother the reader.

8. Be prudent with speculation.

On the internet, rumor can grow extravagant and spread like fire. Remarks beginning with, "I have a feeling that . . ." or, "I think that . . ." are usually suspect.

9. Be cautious with humor and sarcasm.

Typed language is naturally colder than spoken language, because it is stripped of voice inflections and body language. Quite easily, humor can be taken as insult, especially if subtle. Some users prefer to use symbols that hint at tone, such as the smiley face: :-) It is safest to frankly note satirical messages.

10. Email lists are as good, and only as good, as the subscribers make them. Lists work best when intelligent people bring fresh knowledge and ideas to the table. The APSNA Membership holds a wealth of this knowledge. New ideas can stimulate discussion. Trivial or inane comments often kill discussion. Write meaty, thoughtful things and everyone will benefit from the list.