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Special Interest Groups

nurse.jpg APSNA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) allow members to share common interests in an organized, formal manner. As resources for the APSNA Board of Directors and general membership, these groups provide expertise for projects such as the development of Position Statements or educational materials; offer advice on pending legislation; act as Task Force members; or serve as liaisons to other organizations.


These groups are led by chairpersons and operate under the direction of APSNA’s Director of Practice and Quality. There is a new policy for SIG project proposals to ensure all SIG projects receive equitable consideration for funding.

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APSNA's current roster of SIGs includes:


Co- Chair: Patricia Kern

Co- Chair: Monica Holder



The Pediatric Obesity Special Interest Group (formerly Bariatric Special Interest Group) has expanded our focus to address the needs of our pediatric patients who suffer from any degree of obesity. Obese children and adolescents enter the healthcare arena for many reasons; episodic care, outpatient surgery, trauma, and chronic care are but a few examples. As nurses, our focus is on the whole child, not just the "reason to be seen today”. With over 17% of U.S. children over the 85th percentile for weight/height (definition of obesity in children/adolescents), all healthcare professionals need to be cognizant of the scope of pediatric obesity, comorbidities (physical and psychosocial) associated with even "minor” obesity, and the standards of care for obese children being seen for health care for ANY reason and for ANY type of elective or emergent surgery. Whatever surgery an obese pediatric patient undergoes: appendectomy, cholecystectomy, fundoplication, trauma, orthopedic surgery, etc., the child will need special consideration throughout the perioperative experience. Please feel free to email Pediatric Obesity Chair: Lori Lynch with any suggestions or requests.

Chair: Lori Lynch



The aim of the Trauma SIG is to promote the discussion and development of approaches to pediatric trauma and related conditions. A secondary aim of the SIG would be to have members who share pediatric trauma expertise try to influence government policies affecting this patient population.

Co-Chair: Laurie Sands

Co-Chair: Suzanne Kujawa



The Perioperative SIG is a group that strives to make a difference in the three phases of surgery (preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative) for the pediatric population. Infants, toddlers, children, adolescents and young adults embark on a unique journey when they go through surgery. Perioperative nurses are essential to providing a positive and safe experience for the pediatric patient and their families by managing their care and understanding their dynamic emotions, including anxiety and stress.

The purpose of the Perioperative SIG is to grow all nurses as leaders, managers, and professionals through an active and collaborative community. Members will explore and discuss the current issues, evidence-based practices, recommendations, nursing education, and clinical practice resources to provide optimal outcomes for patients and their families.


This SIG is based on one of the most important core functions of our professional association. The Legislative SIG stays current with healthcare trends and disseminates this information to the membership. Our goal is to organize grassroots nurses to work with legislators and candidates to address the issues that are important to nurses and the communities we serve.



The WOCN SIG group will be the voice in promoting awareness about the prevention and management of WOC disorders. This will be done through education and research that promotes safe and effective prevention and management of WOC disorders. With your assistance, we will strengthen and grow. We welcome your insight and participation, and look forward to succeeding together!

Co-Chair: Linda Zekas

Co-Chair: Margaret Birdsong



Global Health

Our mission is to connect clinicians working in pediatric surgical nursing worldwide with the goal of improving surgical outcomes for children. Whether you are an international member or a U.S. clinician with an interest in global health, this is the place for you!

Co:Chair: Jenny Kreiss

Co:-Chair: Nanita Lim-Sulit


Chest Wall

Co:Chair: Amy Pierce

Co:-Chair: Beth Orrick